In early 2019, the Roundtable fielded a survey of funders to explore children and family policy priorities and strategies.  The results provide insight into some of the ideas most on the minds of funders.  We are releasing survey results in a periodic blog post.

Policy Opportunities Survey Results — Forms of Policy Advocacy Funding

The more than 30 funders completing the survey are utilizing a range of funding strategies:

As can be seen in the chart, 75% or more of funder respondents are supporting state or local advocacy organizations, supporting grassroots or organizing work at the state or local level, and grantmaking or convening to raise the voice and power of families, parents, workers, etc.

Between 60% and 75% of funder respondents are supporting narrative change or communications work for specific issues, supporting policy research and dissemination at the state or local level, and supporting community awareness building for specific issues.