The upside of the pandemic for child care is increased attention and calls for support. This is an opportunity for funders to help reshape the field and create a system that is more equitable, affordable, and accessible for all families. The downside is that pre-existing problems (an unsustainable business model, questions around quality, professionals not earning a living wage, and more) that once were cracks in the system are now fissures.

Join us for the first part of our Future of Child Care series in which we’ll discuss:

  • How the pandemic is affecting the child care field,
  • Ways to build parent and provider leadership,
  • Potential ways for funders to provide relief, and
  • Short-term ideas to jump start a new vision for the future.


  • Julia Barfield, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Katherine Gallagher Robbins, CLASP
  • Mary Ignatius, Parent Voices