Economic Opportunity Funders (EOF) & Asset Funders Network Webinar

Tuesday, June 15 * 1:00-2:00 pm eastern

Misunderstood, underfunded, and undervalued

When you combine the 53 million unpaid caregivers with the nearly 5.7 million people working in the care sector – primarily women of color earning low wages and devoid of benefits and protections – and the people who benefit from that care, the issue of care impacts everyone.

The care economy, historically undervalued and underfunded, is at an intersectional and intergenerational issue encompassing childcare, early childhood education, home-based care for older adults and people with disabilities as well as the caregivers who provide the associated services.

COVID-19 put a spotlight on the critical need to build an infrastructure with policies in place that will appropriately address care on multiple fronts for care workers who provide the services we all need.

Join AFN and EOF for a webinar on June 15 as they release a new report designed to deepen funders’ understanding of the intersectional/intergenerational issues related to the care economy. They will lift up key public policies while providing innovative strategies and opportunities for greater funder collaboration to build an equitable care infrastructure.

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