Immigration and Child Welfare — Q&A with CICW

With contributions from Megan Finno-Velasquez. CICW Q&AHow do children in immigrant families enter the child welfare system? There are two main pathways to entry into the child welfare system: 1) direct, when immigration enforcement (i.e., parent detention, deportation) causes family separation, leaving no one to care for the children, and 2) indirect, when stressors and pressures…

Increasing Stability. Improving Child and Family Outcomes: Launching the Funders Roundtable

For our first webinar together, we delved into research on the importance of family stability for positive child outcomes. We heard from field experts on what we have learned so far and what programs and policies work to provide stability in uncertain times. We talked with funder leaders about policy strategies to stabilize children’s lives. And, we talked together about the goals and plans for the Roundtable.