The purpose of the Children, Youth & Family Funders Roundtable is to create a cross-issue forum where funders can exchange information and accelerate learning on the effects of inequality and stability on children and families. The goal is to engage funders in deep strategy conversations that are cross-issue, focused on the whole family, and done in partnership with other affinity groups.


  • Ensuring opportunities for all children, youth, and families, especially those facing inequality – including racial, gender, ethnic, economic, geographic, and physical ability – is a critical component of improving outcomes.
  • We cannot continue to have policies and programs that advantage some and disadvantage others.
  • Challenges facing children and families do not arise in isolation. Looking for insights, solutions, and strategies that can connect across issue areas is a critical component to long-term positive change.
  • Public and private sectors must work together to build strong families and vibrant communities.
  • The power of the Roundtable lies in its member input. Members share knowledge and have an interest in learning together.