Children, Youth & Family Funders Roundtable
Family and Children Roundtable

Welcome to the Children, Youth & Family Funders Roundtable

Challenges facing children and families do not arise in isolation. Looking for insights, solutions, and strategies that can connect across issue areas is a critical component to long-term positive change. The Children, Youth & Family Funders Roundtable creates a cross-issue forum where charitable foundations can exchange information and accelerate learning on the effects of inequality on children and families and potential policy solutions.

Working collaboratively with foundation leaders and affinity group partners, we will craft conversations that move from learning about a topic to shared discovery regarding effective strategies and the potential for aligned action. Together, we can build stability for families to advance a more equitable America.

What makes this different

The Roundtable is about conversations

  • across issue siloes that recognize the complexity of building stability for children and families,
  • focused on building equity,
  • with charitable foundation leaders about their strategies and what’s working, and
  • built with our partner affinity groups.

Our goal is to encourage deep sharing of strategies among funders.

Learn about the Roundtable

Denise Mayotte shares her hopes for the Roundtable

What's new

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What's Coming

  • Meet the researchers webinar on climate change and mental health on May 27
  • Interview with Dr. Ari Bernstein, Harvard C-Change, on climate change’s impact on children
  • Interview with the Children’s Environmental Health Network on environmental justice
  • Resources on the infrastructure bill’s impact on kids
  • Learn about environmental justice and how where you are raised affects kids’ development.
  • How will climate change affects kids and families?
  • Can we work together to make disaster relief more equitable?

Shape the Conversation

We’re talking about environmental justice, climate change, and children’s development.

What are some of the issue areas you’d like us to cover during our strategy discussion?

Conversations at the Intersect

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