Stable environments and relationships are critical to child outcomes. Instability undermines equity.

The Roundtable will share what we know about stability and equity and programs and policies that work to provide stability for children and families.


Field Q&A Interview with Gina Adams, Urban Institute

Our first Q&A is robust and lays a framework for the types of in-depth, cross-issue discussions the Roundtable knows funders desire.

Funder Q&A Interview with Paula Sammons, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Paula Sammons shares stories of working across issues, ways the philanthropic sector can build stability for families and children, and her hopes for this new Roundtable venture.

Funder Q&A Interview with Regan Gruber Moffitt, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Regan Gruber Moffitt shares with us how philanthropic leaders balance many goals simultaneously while building stronger communities for families and children in Arkansas.

Funder Conversations

Stabilizing Children’s Lives During Crisis

We know that stability is critical for children’s healthy development and well-being, but how can we, as funders, build supports for children during this health and economic crisis during which everyone’s lives are upturned? This new tool from the Urban Institute visualizes the web of supports that buttress stability in children’s lives – from meeting…

Increasing Stability. Improving Child and Family Outcomes: Launching the Funders Roundtable

For our first webinar together, we delved into research on the importance of family stability for positive child outcomes. We heard from field experts on what we have learned so far and what programs and policies work to provide stability in uncertain times. We talked with funder leaders about policy strategies to stabilize children’s lives. And, we talked together about the goals and plans for the Roundtable.

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Stabilizing Children’s Lives

In recent years, the importance of stability in promoting children’s healthy development and well-being has emerged as a critical area of concern. However, there remains much we need to learn about instability in the lives of children: why it happens, who it affects and how, and what can be done about it. Based on interviews…